Pharos @ MIVS 2020

Hey! I'm not sure if you all know about this event called MAGFest (it's only one of the coolest places to be for gaming 😉) but we submitted Pharos to their indie video game showcase (MIVS for short) a few months ago... and got accepted! As you can probably tell by the lack of updates since then, we have been pretty busy getting everything ready for the event. We're beyond excited to see everyone try out the game and will be at the event all four days, which runs from Jan 2nd to 5th.  Hmm...that's only two weeks away... 😲. Before I head off to finish up some remaining polish for our current game build, here is a preview of the new game screen:

We're giving you a few customization options for your first adventurer.

We wanted to give the player a character they can call their own, so you will be able to change the portrait, name, and profession of your starting adventurer. Here are the portrait options we have added so far:

Okay, time to get back to work. See you at MAGFest!